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NaviCOPA Web Server Software Screenshots

The NaviCOPA Web Server Software General Configuration Screen

General configuration of your server is made here

NaviCOPA Web Server General Screenshot

The ports configuration screen

This screen allows the setting of the ports and the number of simultaneous connections that will be permitted.  The status of the two servers (http server and ssl server) will also be displayed.

 Ports Screenshot

The virtual hosts configuration screen

This screen displays a list of the configured virtual hosts and provides access to add remove or edit entries.

Hosts Screenshot

The virtual hosts add and edit screen

The data about the virtual host and the path to the hosts pages are configured on this screen.

Virtual Hosts Screenshot

The PHP configuration screen

Provide the data path to your PHP installation.  Switch between PHP installations while NaviCOPA remains active.

PHP Screenshot

The SSL Certificate Screen

Shows a list of installed SLL certificates

SSL Screenshot

The SSL certificate installation screen

Paste the SSL certificate provided by the certificate provider into this screen.

Certificate Screenshot