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Features of the NaviCOPA Webserver

Unlimited Virtual Hosts

The NaviCOPA Webserver will support an unlimited number of virtual hosts.  A virtual host allows you to run different web sites for different names.  For example, the FileCOPA FTP Server web page and the NaviCOPA Webserver web page are both running on the same server.  But will take you to the NaviCOPA webserver site, and will take you to the FileCOPA FTP Server site.

PHP Integration

Integrating PHP into the NaviCOPA webserver is as simple as downloading and installing the PHP software.  All you have to do is tell NaviCOPA where PHP is installed and it will link and integrate with it.  There are no complicated files to edit or configure.

SSL (Secure Socket Layers)

The NaviCOPA webserver supports secure connections, HTTPS secure sockets.  The NaviCOPA webserver even helps you with all the complicated details acquiring an SSL certificate.  Just give the NaviCOPA webserver all the details and it will generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) that your certificate provider will require.





W3C Log Files

The NaviCOPA webserver can produce log files in the industry standard W3C log file format ( meaning that your log files can be interpreted by numerous third party log analysers.

.htaccess files support

The NaviCOPA webserver can protect your files with industry standard .htaccess files.  The NaviCOPA webserver even comes with a password tool to make editing your password files easier.

CGI support

The NaviCOPA webserver supports CGI scripts and if Perl is installed ( you can use the vast resources of Perl CGI scripts already available on the net.

Server Side Includes

The NaviCOPA webserver supports Server Side Includes (SSI) with the standard #include virtual and #include file instructions.

More To Come...

The NaviCOPA webserver is constantly under development.  More features are being added to NaviCOPA all the time.  We always listen to our customers' requests for features and are glad to receive comments, criticism and requests for future features.  Our customers are important to us and we hope you will join our growing family very soon.