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How many SSL certificates can I install and use?

You can add as many SSL certificates as you like to the NaviCOPA web server software.  However, you can only actually use as many as you have IP addresses.  Most users will only likely have 1 IP address assigned to a machine.

The reasons for this are a little technical, but we will try and explain here.

When a user connects to your server and wants to use a virtual host several things happen.  First, the user types your virtual domain into their web browser, eg  The web browser converts into an IP address, eg  The browser then makes a connection to your machine ( on port 80.  Once the connection is established the browser sends a page request to your server.  Within this page request is line that says "Host:".  The NaviCOPA web server software uses this Host line to determine which virtual host to return the page from.

This is where the problem with SSL comes in.  An SSL connection is established (on port 443) at the point of initial connection.  At that point the browser hasn't told NaviCOPA which host it wishes to use.  And it has no way to do this until the connection is actually established.  The NaviCOPA web server software uses the SSL certificate that matches the IP address that the connection is being made on,  But you may have 5, 10, or 100 virtual hosts all using that same IP address.  If the SSL certificate chosen doesn't match the domain name that the browser is trying to connect to, which only the browser knows at this point, then the Bad Certificate message box will be displayed by the browser.

So for most people you are restricted to 1 SSL certificate per NaviCOPA installation.  Adding more IP addresses to your system will resolve this, but this is a technical issue that cannot be addressed here.