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How do I configure SSL?

You will need a certificate in order to use a secure site.  You can get certificates from many places including Verisign, Globalsign and FreeSSLFreeSSL will allow you to get a SSL certificate free to try for 30 days.

Your chosen certificate provider will require an SSL CSR (Certificate Signing Request) which is an encrypted block of data that contains the name of the server you wish to use the certificate on, your business name and your physical location.

To generate an SSL CSR load the NaviCOPA web server software Control Panel and go to the SSL tab.  Click the button marked Generate CSR.  Now complete your details.  It is very important that you get the name of the server correct.  This should be the name you type into a webserver to access the site, eg  If you do not get this correct then web clients will display a warning that the certificate is invalid when they connect to you.

Once verified, your certificate provider will send a certificate to you.  This usually arrives as a block of text that starts with  -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and ends with -----END CERTIFICATE-----.  

To add the certificate, press the "Add" button on the SSL page of the NaviCOPA web server software controller.  This will open the Add SSL Certificate window.  Enter the domain name you wish to protect in the domain name field.  This must be the same domain name you gave when generating the CSR.  Next paste the certificate text that was sent to you by your certificate provider.  You must paste everything from, and including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- line through and including the -----END CERTIFICATE----- line.

Press the OK button and your certificate will be added.

Make sure Enable SSL is ticked on the Ports screen.  And if this is a certificate for a virtual host make sure "Allow SSL Access" is ticked on the virtual host screen.