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How do I get PHP to work with the NaviCOPA Web Server Software?.

Go to and download the Windows Binaries installer for either PHP4 or PHP5 (Advanced users may wish to use the zip package instead as it includes more functionality.  Modifying the .ini settings will need to be done manually though).

Run the PHP installer.

The PHP installer will tell you that you may need to stop your web server before installation.  This is not the case with the NaviCOPA Web Server Software.

The PHP installer will tell you where it is going to install PHP.  This is C:\program files\PHP by default.  Make a note of this value as you will need to give it to NaviCOPA after the install is complete.

The PHP installer will ask you which http server you wish to configure to run PHP.  The NaviCOPA Web Server Software is not on the list, so select "None (or other server)".  NaviCOPA does not require configuring by the PHP installer.

After the PHP installer is finished, open the NaviCOPA control panel.  Go to the PHP tab.  The NaviCOPA web server software also defaults to C:\program files\PHP for the PHP install directory so if you let PHP install in the default location you don't need to change anything.  If PHP installed somewhere other than C:\program files\PHP then modify the path either manually or by using the browse button.

If you modified the path press Apply and the PHP Controller should detect the presence of PHP.  If it doesn't press the Redetect button.  Once the controller displays PHP Detected php should function through NaviCOPA.