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NaviCOPA Web Server Software FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The NaviCOPA Web Server Software has been thoroughly tested.  However, it is possible that there are some issues yet to come to light.

Also, problems may arise which have fairly straightforward solutions.  We are keen to get you back to work with NaviCOPA as soon as possible.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which include some common problems with their simple fixes.




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Q How do I get PHP to work with NaviCOPA?

Q Can I switch between different versions of PHP with NaviCOPA?

Q Which versions of PHP work with NaviCOPA?

Q How do I configure SSL?

Q How many SSL certificates can I install and use?

Q What will NaviCOPA return if a directory is requested?

Q Can NaviCOPA run CGI Scripts?